Audi’s First Electric Vehicle Recalled Over Fire Risk

It’s not good PR for a brand hoping to snap up wary would-be converts, but it does suggest that Audi’s quality management apparatus is at least partly up to snuff. On Monday the German automaker announced a voluntary recall of 540 E-Tron SUVs sold in the United States out of fear that a glitch could […]

The BMW V12 is most likely dead after this generation

BMW hasn’t had much use for V12 engines over the past few years. With modern turbocharging and even electrification, it’s been easy to make the same, if not superior, power figures from a much smaller displacement turbocharged V8. Still, there’s something about a V12 that’s just so endearing, which is why it’s stuck around for […]

The Week in Business: A Surprise Tariff War, and the Future of iPhone Screens

Want this column in your inbox? Sign up here.Happy June! And sorry about your stock portfolio, which probably isn’t looking too hot after President Trump’s latest tariff threats. Here’s what you need to know about the week’s business news.MAY 26-june 1What’s Up? Not All Losses Are BadUber has taken some knocks lately. Less than a […]

Next Season The FIA WEC Entry List Is Getting Smaller But Maybe Not Worse

Image: ACONext season is something of an interim year for the FIA WEC. The new 2020-2021 season regulations have been announced, and there have been a couple of takers thus far, but that’s not for another year. Toyota, in the 2019-2020 season, will again be the only factory supported LMP1 Hybrid. Some manufacturers have decided […]

Toyota Ramps Up Electrification Timeline, Outlines Nuanced Strategy

Following announcements that Toyota would be working on a shared electric vehicle platform with Subaru, as well as a jointly developed crossover, the brand conducted a press conference on Friday regarding its decision to “popularize BEVs.” While the announcement didn’t deal with the specifics of cutting-edge tech, auxiliary business opportunities, or even a total shift […]

BMW 7 Series LCI vs Audi A8 and Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Now that the BMW 7 Series facelift is out, reviews are going to start popping up here and there. However, comparisons with its usual rivals from Germany are just as inevitable. Today we’re looking at one such three-way feature courtesy of the guys from What Car. They took a 2019 Audi A8 and a similar […]